Camping Secrets: Tips And Tricks From The Wilderness

Camping Secrets: Tips And Tricks From The Wilderness

  • Two suggestions for campsite owners who need work clothing for their employees

    If your campsite employees need new work clothing, here are a few suggestions to follow when buying these garments. Go to a work clothing store that sells reflective tops You should look for a local work clothing store that sells tops with reflective detailing on them (such as a reflective strip across the top's back or sleeves). The reason for this that, on a campsite, your staff may need to help out holidaymakers late at night (if for example, a customer arrives in the evening and needs help connecting their campervan to the site's electrical supply), and they may need to do chores around the site early in the morning, when it is still dark.

  • Novice Campers: How to Choose the Best Tent

    When was the last time you slept in a tent? Maybe you haven't done it since the mandatory camping trip during your school years. Maybe you successfully avoided that trip and have never slept in a tent. But now you've decided that you might be missing out on something. There's something wonderfully simple and rustic about the humble camping trip. However, you can't take that trip without buying your first tent.

  • Say Bye-Bye To Snakes While Camping In Your Trailer

    Winter has been warmer than usual this year in Queensland, and that means stories of snake encounters are already emerging. While snake encounters with poisonous varieties like the Eastern Brown are rare, you need to know how to avoid them when you take your first camping trip during the upcoming school holidays. The good news is a camping trailer means you're not sleeping in a tent on the ground, but the bad news is you may still see a snake.

  • Camping Equipment: 3 Tips To Make The Right Sleeping Bag Choice For Your Next Camping Adventure

    Going camping is exciting in Australia because the country is bequeathed with abundant and pristine natural beauty. But before making your planned adventure a reality, you need to ensure that you have the right camping equipment. Here are some tips to help you choose the right sleeping bag for your next camping adventure.  Choose Shapes Based On Your Specific Sleeping Needs Sleeping bags usually come in mummy, tapered rectangular or rectangular shapes.

  • Essential Accessories For Remote Area Travel In Your Camper Trailer

    If you've just invested in a new camper trailer, then you are no doubt looking forward to heading off into the great beyond for a new adventure. Whether you're heading into the hot and dusty Outback, the remote and unpredictable wilderness of Tasmania, or somewhere in between, there are several camper trailer accessories that should be considered essential. Communication equipment If you're travelling a remote area, you mobile phone is unlikely to receive any coverage from telephone networks.

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    Camping Secrets: Tips And Tricks From The Wilderness

    Hello out there. I'm Jason. As an ecologist, I get to travel to some amazing places. I specialise in researching endangered animals, so my job can involve climbing mountains, travelling to remote islands or trekking through forests. Of course, the research can sometimes take weeks or even months. I am therefore always on the lookout for any new camping gear which helps me reduce any hardships. My fellow researchers often follow my lead in which gear to buy. In addition, I have quite a few adventurous friends who beg me to direct them to secret camping spots. I decided that this blog might be the best way to let people know some of the camping tips and tricks I've picked up. I hope that my experience proves useful for your next trip.